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Thanks to the Infodoodads blog I have been introduced to a great resource this morning.


Omgili is an acronym for Oh My God I Love It, and I think I do. It’s a relatively new resource but something which I think could catch on with added exposure, I know I will find it useful.

Taken from their About section:

Omgili is a specialized search engine that focuses on “many to many” user generated content platforms, such as, forums, Discussion groups, answer boards and others.

Omgili finds consumer opinions, debates, discussions, personal experiences, answers and solutions. Most of the questions have already been answered – find the answers through Omgili. Most of the technical problems have been solved – find the solutions through Omgili. Most of the experiences have already been described – find these descriptions through Omgili.

What a great concept! I’ve tried it out and it seems to work really well, it also has a tool to show how popular discussions are in the form of a graph, great for following trends.

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