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Study School 2

Study School 2

I’ve just returned from an interesting week at my second study school in Aberystwyth.

As usual, it gave me a lot to think about in terms of librarianship – through both lectures as well as chatting with others on the course.

Just a quick blog post for now as I have a lot to catch up both in study and work (I’ve been off work for over 2 weeks and need to get ready for the influx of new students on Monday!), but something which really interested (and surprised) me was the lack of Web 2.0 chat. As an example, in my cohort (there were around 35 of us at our second study school) I was the only person with a blog, and less than 10 people had Facebook profiles. I think others were encouraged to join Facebook by the end of the week (partly to keep in contact with fellow distance learners on a more informal level), but I had expected numbers to be far higher.

I’m not sure if the fact that some students were from countries outside UK and USA makes a difference, or if it varies in different sectors (quite a few of my cohort are from public libraries with a stronger emphasis on books and reading groups rather than using new technologies), or whether it’s just a case of different personalities and interests. Maybe my views are just skewed because I find it so interesting and read many other librarians blogs who share my interest!

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