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Another book related Web 2.0 tool, BookBump lets you keep a record of your books, details of when you read them, what you thought about them, and you can even put in details of where they are and if anyone has borrowed them (I presume this is in case small libraries want to use the software but it’s also handy if you lend books to your friends).


It’s very easy to use, with a similar design to iTunes. Books can be found by ISBN, title, author or keyword search. You can set up different folders and add books to your “Favorites” list. You can also read other people’s reviews about the book, find similar books and check prices. Unfortunately, the price check is only available in USD at the moment.

Another useful feature is the bibliographic feature, which demonstrates how to reference the book in MLA, APA, Chicago, CSE and Harvard style referencing.

I’ve only added a few books as I currently use EndNote to record my course reading and GoodReads for my fiction reading, but it’s definitely something to consider switching to.

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