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Flock – Social Web Browser

Flock – Social Web Browser

I have been using FireFox as a browser for a while now, and Portable FireFox at work (on my USB stick). I’ve been very happy with FireFox however today have discovered something very similar but with bells and whistles – Flock.

Flock calls itself a social web browser, mainly because it makes use of many of the social networking tools and seamlessly connects them. I am currently writing this blog post in Flock to then add it to my blog.

I’ve already added my Facebook, Flickr, delicious, own blog and work blog accounts and can now easily access any of these from the sidebar within Flock. I can transfer media easily from one to another and also use the “Web Clipboard” to store information for use.

I’m only playing around with it at the moment and unfortunately the portable version is huge so may not fit on my USB drive (yet another reason to buy a new one!), but I’ll definitely be experimenting with it more when I get chance.

I’ve also found a great extension called Screenshot which enables me to take screenshots, save them as jpgs, and upload them to Flickr. I used this to add the Flock screenshot in the blog post.

EDIT: Slight problem with the timestamps, when I edited this post to add in the screenshot it seemed to set the date to 1999.

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