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Successful Synchronisation

Successful Synchronisation

Yes really, I was shocked too! Knowing what a headache synchronising can sometimes be I wanted to give a big thumbs up to my synchronisation experience today.

I’ve been moving more towards working online and trying to do things through the web thus giving me access no matter where I am or what device I’m using. This is all well and good but at work we have Microsoft Exchange and we use Outlook for our mail and our calendars. I use Outlook Web Access when I’m not at my work PC and also have my mail account set up in my iPod Touch so receive my mail through that – great stuff.

As my last blog post showed however, I’ve been using Google for my calendar due to its ease of use and some of the added functionality such as sharing calendars over the web, adding multiple calendars to one screen, easy to create calendar widgets for websites, etc, etc. We are supposed to use our Outlook calendars so that others can view our availability. This was becoming a bit of a headache for me as I had my Google calendar, my iPod calendar, my Filofax (which I do still occasionally use), my Outlook calendar, and the paper diary at work so that others in the office know when I will be out.

But earlier today I noticed that Google Calendar now has the ability to synchronise with Outlook:

Calendar Sync

After configuring Outlook 2003 with my Exchange account (surprisingly problem-free), I downloaded the Synchronisation application, logged in, chose to sync both ways (there is also the option to use one as a main calendar and simply use the sync one way, see screenshot below), decide how often you want it to sync and hey presto. It works really well and makes it so much easier to have your calendar in two different places.


Now I just have to overcome the problem that I can’t do this on my work PC as we have locked desktops and therefore can’t download the sync application! Never mind, it looks like I may at least be able to synchronise with my iPod Touch once Apple release the next software upgrade which includes special support for Microsoft Exchange.

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