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UK librarian bloggers?

UK librarian bloggers?

I recently came across a couple of interesting posts about librarian bloggers (or lack of!) in the UK. I also found a similar discussion last year on Brian Kelly’s blog and it doesn’t seem like much has changed since then. At my last study school I was shocked to discover that I was the only one in my cohort of about 40 that kept a blog of any sort, let alone a library blog.

I was very pleased to see my blog mentioned in Jennie’s post, it’s good to know it’s findable at least! Her post is an excellent summary of some of the blogs she found on her search for UK library bloggers, please check it out if you’re interested in what’s going on in the UK library world. There’s also the British Librarian Bloggers group on Google which Phil Bradley set up, but sadly the group isn’t that active.

If you write or know of any other UK library/librarian blogs please feel free to leave a comment here or on Jennie’s post to see if there are others which have been missed.

It got me thinking – just how many other great blogs there are out there that go unnoticed and how do you keep on top of finding blogs which interest you?

I recently got access to my statistics from my hosting and was amazed at how many people view this blog and how many different ways they do so. I found it fascinating to discover what search terms people had searched and found links to my blog, and also wondering whether they’d got what they’d been looking for when they got here (there were quite a few recent searches for Google Calendar synching due to my recent posts on Google Calendar). Then I got thinking about how I found most of the blogs I currently read. I think most of them have spiralled out from my subscribed blogs mentioning a post from their blog or from blog comments.

Anyway, I’m waffling now but I do find this whole thing fascinating – just how findable are our blogs/websites now that there are so many out there and how do people find other useful web resources? Do people generally actively look for them or just happen to stumble upon them?

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