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Scheduling blog posts

Scheduling blog posts

If there’s one blogging feature I am absolutely loving at the moment, it’s the ability to schedule posts. There are times when I have loads of ideas for new blog posts but I don’t necessarily want to publish them all at once. With the scheduling feature in WordPress 2.5, I can write when I feel like it, and choose to publish at a later date.

It’s very useful for posts that you know you want to publish soon but you want to add a couple more links to or a little bit more content before publishing, as well as meaning that you can spread posts out more evenly instead of having a mad frenzy of posts one day and then nothing for the next two weeks (I know I have been guilty of this in the past!).

It’s also a great feature for institutional blogs; sometimes you may want to write a blog post about something but don’t want to release it until a certain date (e.g. following implementation of a new resource or publicising a particular event). In the past I’ve written drafts but often forgot to publish them at the right time, blog scheduling makes it so much easier.

I’m certainly very thankful to WordPress for such a great addition to their blogging software, the only slight confusion was that when I was first playing, I didn’t realise you had to set the status of the post as “Published” even though you don’t want to publish it until a certain date or time. Now that I’ve worked it out though, it really is useful.

  • Matt Wilcox
    Posted at 23:29h, 30 April Reply

    While I’ve not personally found a situation where I would want to do this, the feature is invaluable to larger organisations as it allows flexibility and easy synchronisation between sites and other things like product launches.

    It’d be useful to help keep a blog active and the readership up were I to go on holiday too.

  • Jo Alcock
    Posted at 10:58h, 02 May Reply

    Yeah, I think I may use the feature on our blogs at work when I’m on leave.

    Blogger released the feature yesterday too so you can now do it on most blogging platforms.

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