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Reading RSS feeds on your iPhone/iPod Touch

  • Ian
    Posted at 19:56h, 08 February Reply

    I have only just started to organise my RSS feeds, but I have just added an application appropriately called ‘Feeds’. Been quite happy with it so far, although it doesn’t have the detail of Byline in the summary screen. It cost £1.75 so not too bad.

  • Jo Alcock
    Posted at 18:53h, 09 February Reply

    Thanks for the recommendation Ian, I might have to give that a go.

    I’m still pleased with Byline but syncing can be very slow so I might see if Feeds is any quicker.

  • Jo Alcock
    Posted at 13:44h, 10 March Reply

    Follow up:

    I’ve been trying Feeds as an application on my iPod, and it is a lot quicker to sync than Byline.

    However, there are niggles I don’t like about Feeds which have taken me back to Byline for the moment. The first is that it keeps crashing when I try to move from one folder to another. I have upgraded to the new version which was supposed fixed this issue but I still get it sometimes. I also don’t like how I can’t see which blog the post is from when I’m reading a post – something I really miss and didn’t realise I relied on so much. The other slight issue is that on my iPod it goes offline as soon as I have synced even if I am reading it online (i.e. at home) – this means I can’t mark all as read and it doesn’t sync what I have read with Google until I shut it down and start it up again. I have it set to sync every 10mins but I don’t think it is doing, I’ve changed it to 5mins to see if that makes a difference. For the time being I’m using a bit of both as neither are perfect; Feeds is good for quick syncing if I am on my way out, Byline is better if I’m reading at home.

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