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What do you think of your OPAC?

What do you think of your OPAC?

Just noticed an interesting OPAC survey mentioned in the latest edition of CILIPs Library + Information Gazette which I thought would be worth sharing here.

Following on from Dave Pattern’s nationwide survey to see what we think of our OPACs in 2007 (see more details of the survey and its results on his Self-plagiarism is style blog), Bowker have launched a new survey to discover what librarians currently think about their OPACs to see whether things have improved at all.

Taken from the survey:

In October 2007, David Pattern from the University of Huddersfield published the results of his OPAC satisfaction survey and he revealed some interesting facts about the state of OPACs in the UK and the level of satisfaction, or dis-satisfaction more accurately, of the librarians who use them.

Fifteen months on from the publication of these results, Bowker have teamed up with David to survey the market again to see if there has been any improvement or change in attitude to the humble OPAC. With the increase of software solutions and content enrichment options available for OPACs, it’s time to take stock of the market once more and find out whether the nation’s OPACs have improved.

There’s a good reason to complete the survey too – for every 100 responses, Bowker will donate a gift of schoolbooks to deprived children via the Oxfam Unwrapped scheme.


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