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I still have a few drafts planned for the series of posts about the iPhone/iPod Touch, but thought it was worth a brief mention that today I have implemented the WPtouch plugin (thanks to Josh at Goblin Cartoons) to optimise this blog for iPhone/iPod Touch users.

It was an ideal opportunity to also test the new functionality in WordPress 2.7 which allows you to install plugins from the admin dashboard (instead of downloading, unzipping, and uploading to your plugin directory). This seems to work very well and is a lot less hassle.

Anyway, here’s what the blog now looks like from an iPhone iPod Touch: on iPhone/iPod Touch on iPhone/iPod Touch

WPtouch is very easy to customise, it has an options page which explains what all the different options allow you to do. I’ve set my blog up so that from the homepage you can see the titles, categories and tags of the posts, the day they were posted, and the number of comments. You can then click on the title to read the post (and comments). I have also enabled it so that you should be able to submit comments from this interface (I haven’t tested that functionality yet).

You can also choose to view posts from a certain category from the homepage and can get to the RSS feed so that you could subscribe from the iPhone.

As you can see from the screenshot, I’ve also added my penguin logo to the header, which is probably my favourite bit! 🙂

I’ve tried a few similar plugins in the past, but none of them have done what I’d hoped and tended to cause other plugins to crash. So far, WPtouch is working well (please let me know if you’re having problems with anything!).


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