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Day in the Life – Wednesday

Day in the Life – Wednesday

For most people, Wednesday is day three of their working week, but my library job is part-time so Wednesday is the first working day of my library week (I spend Monday and Tuesday at home with my boyfriend working with him in his marketing/web design business, Cookies and Java).

Here’s an overview of my day today:

6.20am Alarm goes off. I ignore it a few times by snoozing. I’m terrible at getting up in the morning and have two alarms – one on my phone and one Lumi clock which provides light and is supposed to help you get up easily each morning – not so with me! Try to wake myself up by checking email and Twitter on phone – fail miserably and doze off again.

6.45am Realise I do actually have to get up now. Have a wash and put on some make up to try to make myself look awake.

7.00am Get dressed and do my hair. Decide to aim for 7.14 bus.

7.18am Doesn’t look like I’ll be getting the 7.14 bus today, there’s another one at 7.24. Give cats some fuss and breakfast, pick up lunch and head to bus stop wearing winter coat for first time in ages.

7.24am Bus a few minutes late. Start writing this post.

7.28am Bus arrives, first if three bus journeys begins.

7.30am Check today’s to do list on Remember The Milk. Add some tasks I know I need to do today and plan structure of day. No meetings today although may need to help staff the enquiry desk if colleague is still off sick.

7.36am Stick headphones in to listen to music whilst reading book.

7.52am Get to first bus change. Luckily my next bus was already at the station today.

7.53am Leave bus station, book out again.

8.27am Get to next bus station. Not so lucky here, just missed a bus. Should be another in a few minutes.

8.34am Next bus arrives. Last little bit of bus journey now.

8.40am Get to bus stop, just have to walk last little bit.

8.45am Get to work. Sign in, check post, do timesheet for last week, quick catch up with colleagues. Web stuff – catching up with emails, Twitter, and RSS feeds.

9.15am Check in new books and email lecturer to let them know they have arrived.

9.30am Take new books down to Teaching Practice Collection and catch up with colleague who’s helping me with weeding the collection. She works Mon-Wed so Wed is the only chance we get to catch up. She’s been weeding Maths for the last couple of weeks and had another two trolleys for me to check before they’re withdrawn.

10.00am Back to office. New intercampus shuttle bus timetable is available on website so checked it out. Better for me in the morning (will get me to work at 8.50 instead of 9.00), but not good for late nights as would have to wait over an hour before bus.

10.05am Phone call from colleague about whether or not a Maths book should be in primary or secondary. Maths is the only subject separated by age groups, something else to look at when the weeding has finished.

10.10am Write blurb about myself and resize headshot photo for new internal departmental newsletter which will hopefully be launched on Friday.

10.30am Check out Royal Marsden new online access to procedures and blog about it. Really impressed with browsing functionality, so easy to use. Hope students like it too.

11am Break. Ribena and checking Twitter etc.

11.10am Weeding trolley. Sorting through English at the moment.

11.20am Put my potato in the oven to bake, forgot earlier.

11.30am Lecturer from health (child branch) called to arrange session on literature searching for 3rd year students. Not managed to get a session with this group before so really pleased. Lecturer sounded enthusiastic about my ideas so we scheduled a 3hr session for September. Really looking forward to it, just hope I can swap my induction I had which clashes.

11.50am Back to the weeding after emailing with plea for swap.

13.30pm Lunchtime soon, returning some stock to shelves first and putting rest downstairs to be withdrawn.

14.00pm Lunch

14.30pm Back to Teaching Practice Collection to get the next trolley load for weeding. Almost finished English now, so collected the German too.

14.45pm Work on Inductions project (currently just our campus although hoping to share good practice afterwards). We’re trying to standardise the inductions we offer and ensure students have the opportunity to learn the tasks they need when they start the University such as getting their ID card, setting up and using their IT account, and using OPAC to find books. I’ve adapted most of the powerpoints to fit into our inductions menu which includes these tasks and learning outcomes for each area. Now I need to work on making the material (incl. Powerpoints, Captivate demos, videos, audio files etc.) available in an easy to use format online. Since the introduction of the institutional blending learning strategy all teaching material must be available online so we want to make sure it is easy to use (also has the added advantage of being used as a standalone for latecomers).

15.15pm Brainstorm with colleague also working on inductions project.

15.30pm Respond to some of the day’s emails and check web stuff – Twitter etc.

16.00pm Contact web administrator with ideas for inductions project. Want to ensure we stick to corporate style and that it’s as future-proof as possible.

16.15pm Back to weeding. Finished English, now starting German.

17.40pm Respond to more emails before heading home. Later finish than usual today as I was in the right frame of mind for the weeding so carried on a bit longer.

18.15pm On second leg of journey home, writing post and finalising arrangements for Warwick visit tomorrow by text, looking forward to seeing their library and School resources Collection.

18.30pm Finish blog post and almost publish but then WordPress iPhone app crashed and I lost half of the day!

18.54pm (now!) Finishing post again, hope it saves this time!

Should be home in a few minutes. Evening will likely consist of evening meal followed by cross stitching in front of the TV with my boyfriend and our cats, Cookie and Java (they don’t cross stitch but sometimes try to help!).

Tomorrow is likely to be less structured due to Warwick visit and there may be crossover as I’m visiting Katharine Widdows who is also blogging Library Day in the Life.

19.28pm update (at home): Even after rewriting the post, it has taken me over half an hour to actually publish this via numerous hurdles such as crashing iPhone applications, forgotten web account passwords, and random pasting as white text rather than black. I’m keeping everything crossed this posts this time!

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