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Day in the Life – Thursday

Day in the Life – Thursday

WordPress iPhone app is clearly not the way to go, just crashed again whilst trying to publish and now I can’t get to my post!

Anyway, today’s activities:

Similar morning routine to yesterday with more snoozing of the alarm, a whiney attention-seeking Cookie cat, and minus the winter coat (too much hassle!). I’m off to Warwick today so a slightly later start as I don’t need to be there until 10.30am.

Got the 7.44am bus to get to the station. There seem to be plenty of trains to Coventry ( nearest station to Warwick Uni). Bought my ticket at the station and managed to get a direct train which left at 8.45am. Bought a magazine at the station as couldn’t get internet on my phone to read my RSS feeds but then realised 3G was turned off! Turned it back on and all fine now.

Got to Coventry at 9.40ish and managed to navigate to the bus stop (albeit an unconventional route!). Bought a daysaver ticket (blimey they’re expensive now, glad I have my travel card for travel to work). Nice bus driver told me which stop to get off at, didn’t realise how big the campus was – there were loads of different bus stops!

Got to the library at 10.20ish and waited for Katharine. Unsure of timings for rest of day but included:

– tour of Warwick’s library facilities including the Schools collection, Teaching Grid, Research Grid and Learning Grid
– caught up with Katharine on various work-related stuff
– chatted with Chris, the Education librarian, about our roles and the Schools collection in particular
– learnt all about Warwick’s restructuring
– lunched with Katharine, Chris, and Adrienne who will soon be starting a graduate trainee post at Oxford.

As always with visits, there were some great things (I love the Teaching Grid for encouraging innovative teaching methods) and other things I couldn’t get my head around (such as the lack of enquiry service).

I left the campus just before 4pm and got a bus back to Coventry. I just managed to make it in time for the direct train back to Wolverhampton. On the journey I got up to speed on my work emails from the day, and wrote this post.

I’ve got the house to myself tonight as my boyfriend is going out for dinner with clients, so I think I might nip to Sainsbury’s on my way home and get something nice for tea. Looking forward to an evening with the cats, cross stitch and trashy TV.

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