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Twelve month itch

Twelve month itch

Due to the nature of my career history so far (numerous temporary contracts and moving campuses), I have changed jobs a lot in the last few years. In just over four years at my current place of work I’ve had five interviews, five different jobs (four in the same job role but different locations and contracts), and worked at three different campuses. I’m now in my first professional post which I started just over a year ago.

I’ve become pretty accustomed to moving around and having different jobs, so having a permanent librarian job is a bit of a novelty. However, it’s got past that twelve month period now and although a lot of the time I still feel like the new girl (I hadn’t worked at this campus before and many of the staff have worked here for a long time), part of me is wondering where I’m supposed to go next. I guess it’s because I’m so used to changing jobs, and also because by nature I’m very reflective (need to get myself registered for Chartership really to make the most of it!). I think it’s also maybe because I’m at the beginning of my career so am still very keen and enthusiastic!

Don’t get me wrong, I still really enjoy my job and there’s a lot I want to learn and improve upon, but there’s a side of me that’s ready for a new challenge. I have my dissertation which I hope to begin soon (I sent my proposal off recently – see my recent blog post) and as mentioned I’m hoping to start my Chartership also, and I’ve just become part of the CILIP West Midlands committee – I guess those things should challenge me!

I think I’ve just come to realise that my work side is very different to my personal side where I’m pretty averse to change, maybe they balance each other out?! I suppose it’s a good thing for me that we will be going through a restructure soon, hopefully it will bring with it new challenges.

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