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LILAC 2010 report published in Journal of Information Literacy

LILAC 2010 report published in Journal of Information Literacy

Just a quick post – my event report from LILAC 2010 has now been published in the latest issue of Journal of Information Literacy – go directly to the article or view the journal issue. As always, there are some really interesting articles in the issue; I particularly enjoyed reading Jane Secker‘s article about information literacy education in US libraries (I had many interesting conversations about this at LILAC so was good to read about it from someone who has visited – I’d love to do that some time!).

Also, a brief mention about the publication process – as it is peer-reviewed and all handled online this was a new experience for me (previously I’ve mainly dealt with the process through e-mail communication with the editor). It seems to work well – there were a few issues with the system in that it doesn’t alert the reviewer/editor when updates have been made, but it wasn’t too arduous to send a quick email to let them know. I really liked the ability to track the progress of the article, and online storage certainly helped in terms of version control to ensure the most up-to-date copy is being used. I know this approach is used by a number of peer-reviewed journals now and I can certainly see why – I can also see the opportunity to use this sort of system for any document control which needs to go through a similar reviewing and updating process (project documentation, theses and dissertations, and dreaded reading lists!).

Anyway, enough about that – read the article if you’re interested in what LILAC 2010 was all about, and you may also wish to read my blog posts from LILAC. Hopefully it won’t be the last LILAC conference I attend; I really did get a lot of value from it and would recommend it to all researchers and practitioners interested in information literacy.


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