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Library Day in the Life 5 – Wednesday

Library Day in the Life 5 – Wednesday

This week I’m participating in the Library Day in the Life project which charts the day-to-day activities of library workers at different points of the year. This is the third time I’ve participated; you can see my earlier posts from July 2009 and January 2010. I’m a Resources Librarian at a university library in UK, and work part-time (3 days a week). This will be the last time I complete the project in this role as I have a new job to move to soon (more on this in a later blog post).

Over summer I’ve got two main projects on the go; collection management for the Teaching Practice collection (for trainee teachers), and managing a project working on development of induction activities for the VLE. I also usually have two enquiry desk duties per week, each of which is half a day (this week mine are Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon).

Morning activities today included:

  • Sorting through emails and responding to a couple of email enquiries (local college librarian re-arranging a visit to discuss inductions and education student researching pedagogy and andragogy for her dissertation)
  • Changing loan status of some books which are no longer in such high demand
  • Selecting books for withdrawal in the music education section of Teaching Practice (found some gems which I’ll photograph to share!)
  • Organising classmarks of books to be changed where they would be more findable from another area (Teaching Practice is usually browsed, not found by searching OPAC, so logical placement in terms of the area of the curriculum it supports is vital)
  • Returning books I’ve been too lazy to return and kept renewing even though I have finished with them (librarians are such rebels!)
  • Enjoying a lovely slice of gluten free chocolate cake made specially by a colleague (this was definitely a highlight!)

Afternoon activities included:

  • Answering a couple of phone and in-person enquiries – mainly just directional enquiries though, no meaty research enquiries this afternoon
  • Briefly covering the Lending Services Helpdesk (and helping a lost student find a book)
  • Looking at the latest issue of SCONUL Focus – read part of a particularly interesting article about improving support and liaison links with academic staff and researchers
  • Discussions with a colleague about changes to the curriculum and how our soon to be developed induction activities can be embedded into the new modules
  • Discussions with a different colleague about the progress on the induction activities (this turned into an epic conversation but I think we both had a clearer idea by the end!)
  • Drafting some ideas and activities for my areas of responsibility in the induction activities (mainly activities using multiple choice questions with clear feedback at each stage)
  • Testing capabilities of the VLE – thankfully inserting images into multiple choice questions is relatively straight forward!

I forgot to take photos today so I’ll be sure to take some tomorrow and add them to the blog posts.

If you’re interested in following other librarians, go to the wiki and use the links to people’s blogs, or use the #libday5 search in Twitter.


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