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Kindle Cover review – Tuff-luv Kindle Cover with light

Kindle Cover review – Tuff-luv Kindle Cover with light

I’ve recently been trying out a new case* for my Kindle, one that also came with a light. Reading on my Kindle is mainly done in bed as I’m trying to get to sleep, so it’s important for me to be able to hold it comfortably lying down and be able to read it in the dark. I do have a bedside lamp but I’ve been wanting to try a Kindle light for a while; partly so that it is less distracting for my partner as I wouldn’t have to have the bedside lamp on, and also as when I stay in hotels it’s sometimes not possible to read as there is no bedside lamp.

The Tuff-Luv Spark Kindle Case with Light (Purple) is a funky looking case; I love the colour and the feel of the leather is really good. The light is very compact – you can store it within the spine of the case when the case is closed so it doesn’t take up any extra room.

Outside cover (with light stored inside spine)

Outside cover (with light stored inside spine)

It has some internal pockets for business cards (though to be honest I don’t think I would ever use them), and the light slots into the elastic part of the spine on the case when you want to use it.

Inside cover with light attached ready to use

Inside cover with light attached ready to use

I tend to prefer holding the Kindle in two hands, using my right hand to turn pages, and I like the fact that with the Amazon case I can use the elastic on the case to hold the front cover in place behind the Kindle. Unfortunately this isn’t possible with this case; it’s held closed by a press stud, and there is no way to secure the cover easily for holding whilst accessing the Kindle. I also found that the spine was a little loose and so the case was prone to twisting slightly. Only a minor thing I admit, but it doesn’t make for a comfortable holding experience for me.

Held in cover ready for reading (cover flap not secure)

Held in cover ready for reading (cover flap not secure hence twist)

The light slots onto elastic inside the case when in use (though I found that the clip on the elastic was not very secure and prone to move around), and the cable is flexible so the light can be moved to any position.I found that the light reflected on the screen which was frustrating and meant I had to reposition it whilst reading as I couldn’t see some of the text. The light wasn’t bright enough to cover the full screen of the Kindle if placed at the top, and if placed towards the middle of the screen the reflection meant part of the screen could not be read.

Overall, I’m afraid I wasn’t very impressed with the case and have since moved back to my original Amazon case. I am still using the light (clipped onto the Amazon case), but I’m on the lookout for a better alternative – something that doesn’t reflect if that is possible, or just one that is brighter and can light the full screen from the top of the Kindle. I might try out one of the other styles of lights to see if they are better.

Maybe I ought to try a flip style case, or just one that I know I can secure behind the Kindle when I’m reading. I actually quite like holding the Kindle on its own so maybe I’d be better with a sleeve to store it in. Or maybe I should just bite the bullet and save up for the Amazon cover with a reading light!

Do you use a light to read your Kindle at night? Which one is it and would you recommend it?

*Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge to test from GearZap (see their Kindle Covers). This does not affect the content – I have been honest in my review and considered the product’s value based on its RRP.

  • Simon Barron
    Posted at 11:29h, 15 September Reply

    It’s interesting to learn how other people use their Kindle. This cover seems quite good compared to others that I’ve seen and used. The Kindle at work has this kind of cover which is really cumbersome to use. On my own Kindle, I just use a sleeve to protect it when I’m carrying it about but when I’m actually reading, I just hold the Kindle on its own. It works perfectly well and it’s not come to any harm.

    The genuine Amazon covers are crazy expensive though.

    • Jo Alcock
      Posted at 14:15h, 16 September Reply

      I agree Simon, it is really interesting hearing how others use their Kindle. I actually find the button location for turning pages a little awkward – I’m not sure where they should be instead but I’d like to be able to read one handed and don’t seem to be able to the way I hold it (maybe I’m just odd!).

      I too like to read it without a case, hence part of me wondering if a sleeve would be better for me. Having said that I really would like to find a light that works well, which may mean getting a case with an integrated light. I don’t want a massive case though as I do like the compact size of the Kindle.

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