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ALA Emerging Leaders

ALA Emerging Leaders

ALA Emerging Leaders badge

ALA Emerging Leaders

Just a brief blog post to share some exciting news – I’ve been offered a place on the 2012 class of ALA (American Library Association) Emerging Leaders program. For those who don’t know what it is, here’s a bit of information about ALA Emerging Leaders:

The American Library Association (ALA) Emerging Leaders (EL) program is a leadership development program which enables newer library workers from across the country* to participate in problem-solving work groups, network with peers, gain an inside look into ALA structure, and have an opportunity to serve the profession in a leadership capacity. It puts participants on the fast track to ALA committee volunteerism as well as other professional library-related organizations.

(taken from the ALA Emerging Leaders webpage)

What it basically means is that to participate I will need to attend the ALA Midwinter event in January (Dallas) where I will be introduced to ALA as an organisation, meet my fellow Emerging Leaders, and join a group to work on a project within ALA. I’ll then work with that group from the end of the conference until June when we will attend ALA Annual (Anaheim) to present our findings. After that, each Emerging Leader is expected to continue to support the organisation – it’s often referred to as a fast track to getting involved in ALA.

It was recommended to me by so many people at ALA Annual last year, and I’m really excited about being a part of it. I can’t wait to meet the rest of the Emerging Leaders (some of whom I’ve already found on Twitter at #el12ala)!

*It is open to non-US residents too! I may need to ask for this to be altered – I wonder if I am the first international member involved in this?

  • John Kirriemuir
    Posted at 08:45h, 26 October Reply

    Congratulations – this is seriously good news. And also is another little help on the route to moving to the US 😉 (You and partner had that kinda wistful, “want to go back”, look while speaking of your American adventures during the new Brum library tour)

    • Jo Alcock
      Posted at 12:10h, 26 October Reply

      Yes, it’s always been one of those ‘shall we?’ things. I don’t know if we’ll ever move over there – we definitely want to visit as often as we can though. I’m hoping I might be able to extend my stay for ALA Annual and we could have a break at Disney after the conference.

      • John Kirriemuir
        Posted at 18:37h, 27 October Reply

        Here’s the thing, Jo. You and partner (show him this) are both still young. Currently…

        There’s never a perfect time to make the jump. But there are better times than others, and the general trend is that the older you get, the more tied down to other commitments you will both – inevitably – be.

        So you move. If it works out, great. If it doesn’t work out; you just move back to Britain. Meh. You gave it a go, and ended up wiser.

        The alternative is for the both of you to spend the rest of your life wondering “What if…?” and never knowing the answer, no matter how good or otherwise life turns out to be staying in Britain. You’ll likely be quietly disappointed at yourselfs in later life for not at least giving it a go.

        I vote do it. And ignore the – many – British people who will come up with some reason for not doing it, for staying in nice, local, boring, Britain instead. e.g. it’s dangerous, or you’ll be broke, or be eaten by rednecks. In many – most – cases, that’s underlying jealousy; you’re trying to do something that they have left too late to do.

        Anyway, your choice. And the ALA thing will help. Just don’t spend so long dithering about it that you leave it too late… 🙂

  • Jenni
    Posted at 14:24h, 26 October Reply

    Congratulations, that sounds really exciting!

    • Jo Alcock
      Posted at 14:31h, 26 October Reply

      Thanks Jenni – don’t think it has really sunk in yet but it is very exciting!

  • Erin Dorney
    Posted at 14:36h, 26 October Reply

    Congrats! You’ll have a lot of fun with the ELs 🙂

    • Jo Alcock
      Posted at 14:39h, 26 October Reply

      Thanks Erin – so pleased people like yourself recommended it to me – can’t wait!

  • Ebeache
    Posted at 03:14h, 30 October Reply


  • mlhodge
    Posted at 19:16h, 05 November Reply

    Congratulations, Jo! So glad you were accepted.

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