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Reflecting on 23 Things for Professional Development

Reflecting on 23 Things for Professional Development

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As I mentioned at the beginning of summer, I’ve been participating in and helping organise the 23 Things for Professional Development (CPD23) programme. The programme was slightly different to other 23 Things in that it focused on both tools and also techniques and strategies for professional development (rather than just web tools as in many previous 23 Things courses). I authored two of the ‘things’ – Thing 3 on Consider your personal brand, and Thing 19 on Integrating the Things. I’ve also helped encourage conversation on Twitter and have contributed some of the @cpd23 account tweets as well as looking out for queries on the #cpd23 hashtag. As a participant I blogged at Joeyanne’s 23 Things for Professional Development and have recently completed all 23 things.

So what?

Participating in the programme has really helped me assess where I currently am, what skills I would like to develop further, and consider my next steps towards that. It’s played an important part in deciding to work towards CILIP Chartership and has helped me consider what I’d like to include in my development plan which I’m hoping to work on soon.

As an organiser I have developed a number of skills (particularly using tools like Google Docs to help in project planning) and have really enjoyed working on a collaborative project of this scale. We never expected to have over 500 registrants (yes really, 806 valid blogs at the last count!) but we have utilised each other’s strengths and skills and I feel really proud to have been a part of it.

Now what?

The 23 Things for Professional Development programme has officially finished but our work as organisers isn’t done yet. I’ve put together the evaluation survey (with input from the rest of the team and others involved in 23 Things evaluation such as Michael Stephens who I had the pleasure of meeting at Internet Librarian International), and will be analysing the results of that in the next few weeks. We’ve also had some participants willing to be interviewed so I’d also like to do some phone/Skype interviews.

Then comes dissemination. Some of the team have already spoken about CPD23 at events – I’d like to help with some of these in future and also write a paper or two about different aspects (linking back to Chartership as writing is one of the areas I’d like to develop!).

Many people have also indicated that they would like a follow up programme with additional things so that’s something to consider, and we’re planning to run the programme again for those who didn’t get chance to work on it this time round. The programme will stay live (as long as Blogger does anyway!) so can be completed at anytime but we appreciate it’s good to work on it at the same time as others for support.

I’ve really appreciated having a reason to spend time reflecting on my professional development, and am now looking forward to starting the CILIP Chartership process. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and about reflective professional development – the structure of this blog post came out of CPD23 Thing 5 on Reflective Practice which was one of the most useful things for me. I’m planning to use a similar structure in future for the reflective posts on my Chartership journey.

  • Cath Marlowe
    Posted at 12:25h, 25 November Reply

    I was really disappointed not to finish this but a very busy semester stopped me off. Glad to hear I can attempt this again in the future and hopefully pick up from where I left off. I certainly got a lot out of it and have picked up some new tools and techniques.

    • Jo Alcock
      Posted at 12:54h, 27 November Reply

      I think a lot of people struggled to keep up, especially as term time kicked in. Glad you still got a lot out of it and plan to continue at some point. Good luck!

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