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#chartership chat on 29th March

#chartership chat on 29th March

It’s almost time for #chartership chat again (comes around so quickly!). The results of the poll gave a tie so we’ll take the first one in the list for this week and the second for the next chat. So this week’s chat on Thursday 29th March at 6.30pm BST will be Writing your evaluative statement.

Poll results

I know there are some people on Twitter currently at, or approaching, this stage and for those of us just beginning it will still be useful to start considering how we’re going to turn our evidence into a portfolio with the evaluative statement.

Please join us and if you know anyone who has chartered, please ask them to join us to share any tips and advice too. I’ve even prepared a tweet for you – just copy the message below to let your followers know about the chat this week.

Join us on Twitter to chat about writing your evaluative statement for #chartership this Thursday 29th March at 6.30pm BST.

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