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Organising a #chartership chat on Twitter

Organising a #chartership chat on Twitter

As I’ve now successfully completed my CILIP Chartership, I won’t be scheduling any more chartership chats as they’ve served their purpose for me. Since submitting my portfolio, I’ve had a few people ask me when the next one will be – it can be whenever you want one! I wanted to ensure people knew how to set one up so that going forward, candidates can continue to schedule these chats if they find them useful.

Twitter icon from Iconfinder

Twitter icon from Iconfinder

Why #chartership chat?

We all learn in different ways, and seek support from different methods. For me, chartership chat on Twitter had the following benefits:

  • Enabled me to share my ideas and get advice from others (including other candidates as well as mentors)
  • Helped motivate me to keep going
  • Gave me regular time points to check in which I used as mini deadlines
  • Gave me dedicated time to both discuss chartership and work on it (I often worked on something in the background whilst chatting)

Think you need something similar to help you with chartership? It’s really easy to organise…

Organising the chat

The following stages are all you need to do to organise a #chartership chat on Twitter:

  1. Set a time and date that you know you’ll be able to make (and preferably at least one other person, it’s usually helpful to propose it on Twitter using the #chartership tag to see if others can make it then)
  2. Publicise the chat – via Twitter, the LIS-CILIP-REG mailing list, and any other methods you think would be useful
  3. Send reminders closer to the date (e.g. the day before or the morning of the day)
  4. Be there at the time, and start tweeting using the #chartership chat. Keep an eye on other tweets using the hashtag, ask questions, answer any if you can, offer support, and help each other work to your deadlines

Optional: you might want to archive the tweets and/or write up the chat and record details on the Chartership Chat page on the CILIP Quals wiki. You may want to host a conversation about a specific topic rather than general chat – if so just make this clear in the publicity.

Hope this information is useful – I found it really useful in keeping me on track and providing me with ideas to help me with my chartership – both the process whilst working on my areas of development, through reflection, and when it came to writing up the portfolio. Also of course it could be another potential piece of evidence!

If you’re working on chartership at the moment you may also be interested in joining in with #chapowrimo (Chartership portfolio writing month) which is encouraging people to do a little bit on chartership each day in November. See #chapowrimo tweets and Emma, Niamh and Katie’s blog posts for more information.

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