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Innergie 3 in 1 Magic Cable Trio

Innergie 3 in 1 Magic Cable Trio

I recently received a Innergie 3 in 1 Magic Cable Trio to review, and was looking forward to testing it out. Anyone who has seen me at a meeting or event will know I always have a charger with me and am usually found by a socket or frantically looking for one. I tend to have Apple devices with me for short trips, so one charging cable is usually sufficient (though I do sometimes use a Belkin double adapter so I can charge both at the same time if necessary). For longer trips though I have other devices with me so need more cables (e.g. Kindle charging cable). I was really pleased to hear about this 3 in 1 USB charging cable which could be used to charge a number of different devices just from the one cable. You can only charge one at a time, though that’s what I was expecting (some reviews have mentioned the fact you can only charge one thing at once but I don’t see that as too much of a problem). However, for me there is one big problem…


It’s just not long enough. I’m not going to go down the whole ‘size doesn’t matter’ argument because in this case it really does. This charger is only useful if you want your device *right* next to the plug socket. It’s unlikely you’d be able to practically use it whilst being plugged in as it’s just too close.


For suspended sockets it wouldn’t even reach the floor. You can’t use it on a train as it won’t reach the tiny distance from the socket on the side of the table to the top of the table.


The connectors cover a wide range of devices, and it does work – I’ve used it to charge my iPad and my Kindle and both worked fine. The three connectors are for Apple devices (old version, not Lightning Connector), Mini USB and Micro USB. You have to be careful to ensure the connectors are all pushed in flush for the electricity to flow, but the device seems robust in this way so I don’t foresee any problems unless it is used excessively. I like the way all connectors stay attached even if not in use – much preferable to multiple separate connectors which can be easy to lose.

I just can’t ever imagine myself using this though, not unless I also had a longer USB to USB connector which sort of defeats the object of only having to carry one cable. On the packaging it said the cable was 20cm in length, but I find that misleading as that’s from the very edges of the connectors either side. So I’m afraid I don’t recommend this cable – great idea, just not well executed in my opinion.

UPDATE: I’ve had a response to my review from the company:

Our main goal is to deliver a cable that can truly transfer 2.1 Amp. That is also a requirement for the MFi (Made For iPod/iPad/iPhone) certification from Apple. Due to the 3 connectors included, this is the maximum length of the cable to reach this high performance. Another benefit is of course that it is a very compact cable, that does not clutter in your bag.

For consumers who like the idea of the Magic Cable with multiple tips, but do wish to have a longer version, we recommend the Magic Cable Duo. That cable has one connector less (mini USB), but that made it possible to increase the length to 79cm.

  • ecepet
    Posted at 07:36h, 22 March Reply

    Thanks for allowing us to give feedback, we rally appreciate every review that we receive that helps spread the word around the world. Again many thanks

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