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Getting Back on the (Fellowship) Horse

Getting Back on the (Fellowship) Horse

Given all the personal changes that have been happening in the last few months (selling our home, finding one to rent, relocating, handing in my notice, starting work as a freelancer) it’s fair to say my CILIP Fellowship progress has stalled. I had a statement drafted, but obviously this was on the basis of me working in my previous role so much of it is now out-of-date. I’m still keen to work towards Fellowship though, and have arranged to meet with my mentor tomorrow. Being the deadline driven person that I am, I therefore spent today reviewing where I’m at. I know we all go about these things differently but I thought it might be useful to share my process in case it helps others who are working towards Certification, Chartership or Fellowship.

I started out with the online PKSB tool (which is incredibly easy to use and really useful!). It only took me an hour or so to work my way through the sections of the PKSB and add ratings to the areas I think are a priority for me. This gave me a shortlist of 17 different areas I might want to focus on. Not much of a shortlist really, but much preferable to the full PKSB! I downloaded the ‘Development Report’ which exports to PDF any of the areas where your current rating is lower than your ideal rating. I printed it out (old school I know, but that was so I could go and scribble on it whilst sitting in my favourite chair in the garden as it’s lovely and sunny today!), and starred the ones I felt were highest priority for me to develop. These were predominantly things where I had the biggest gap, or things that are particularly important for me to develop at the moment.

I managed to narrow it down to about 8 items, and then decided to map these broadly to the 3 assessment criteria for Fellowship. After a bit of jiggery pokery I have 3 items for each criteria:

Criteria 1 (Personal development)

  • Teaching and training skills (8.6)
  • File planning (1.2)
  • VLEs (8.8)

Criteria 2 (Organisational development)

  • Strategic marketing (11.1)
  • Strategic planning (10.1)
  • Financial management (10.6)

Criteria 3 (Wider professional context)

  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration (2.7)
  • Partnership development (9.5)
  • Leadership skills (9.1)

This may change of course, but it’s been a really useful exercise to help me get going again. Once I had this list I started to think about potential things I’d like to do in the area, and potential pieces of evidence I could produce to support this. Mostly these will be separate reflective pieces that will discuss the different things I have done to develop on the area, how they have helped (or not!), and what I plan to do next. It’s been useful to think about the types of activities I would like to do for each, and the types of things I already do that I would like to reflect on further for Fellowship.

I can’t believe how much clearer things are in my mind now that I’ve spent a few hours on this. It only took a maximum of 4 hours (and that’s including some snacking, chatting to my partner, chatting on Twitter, emailing, and playing word games!) and I feel so much more prepared for both my meeting with my mentor tomorrow and empowered to help me prioritise development areas to support my Fellowship. I got the same value from my Chartership and it’s why I love the CILIP Professional Registration process.  Here’s hoping I can dedicate some time to this in the next few months as I know it will be really beneficial.

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