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Research methods videos – focus groups and surveys

Research methods videos – focus groups and surveys

I’ve recently been working on a couple of videos on research methods. I was asked by the CILIP Library and Information Research Group if I’d be interested in producing a video on focus groups and one on surveys that they could use in an online course. I’ve been keen to develop more video-based materials so thought this was a good opportunity to explore different software options and practice my planning, recording and editing skills.

I looked into a number of different software options (including Adobe Spark which is a free web-based tool and great for short videos to get a message across quickly and easily). I planned my videos and designed and recorded one in Adobe Spark*. It was fine, but didn’t have the customisation options I had hoped. I looked into a few other options and decided to create my own using iMovie. I have some experience of using this to edit webinar recordings for JUSP (which I was dreading at the time as it was totally new to me but I really enjoyed doing it!). For the research method videos I decided to create the visual elements in Keynote, export as images, record the narration directly in iMovie, and combine with the music. I then exported the video and uploaded to YouTube and added captioning in within YouTube. There were a few hiccups along the way, but I’m pretty happy with the end result and learnt a lot during the process.

Each video includes information on what the research method is, when it can be used, some examples, and tips for using the research method yourself.

The videos are now available and embedded below:

Focus groups

Link to view focus groups video in YouTube


Link to view surveys video in YouTube

These will be used in a CILIP Library and Information Research Group course on the CILIP VLE.

I really enjoyed creating these so now that I have developed a system for planning and developing content, I’m in the process of making some more. I’ll be sure to share on the blog when they’re available, or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive notifications when new content is added (I’m hoping to vlog at the UKSG conference next week so that’s likely to be my next video).

*Link to Adobe Spark version –

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