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Leadership is one of the areas I'm focusing on for my CILIP Chartership and as a result I've been involved in a number of different activities based on this topic. I thought it would be useful to consolidate them and share some of the key lessons I've learnt. These have derived from my involvement in the following activities:
  • ALA Emerging Leaders program (including leadership training at ALA Midwinter)
  • Chairing CILIP West Midlands committee
  • Joining Future Faces Birmingham
  • Giving a presentation on Developing leadership skills through professional engagement
  • Attending the CILIP in Wales Conference on leadership
  • Reading core leadership texts, articles and blogs

I've been keen to read some of the leadership books I've read reviews of but not found time to read. A few months ago, some people involved in ALA activities who wanted to do the same decided to set up a library leadership book club. we all voted on the books we wanted to read and the most popular one was How to make meetings work: the new interaction method. We had around a month to read it and then set a date to discuss it via Google Hangout.

I was invited this year to give a presentation at the CILIP in Wales 2012 conference on leadership. As leadership is one area I'm really keen to develop skills in I was delighted - this enabled me to both share my own progress so far (and hopefully help others plan their leadership journey during my workshop), and also to attend the conference to learn from those more experienced than myself. My presentation focused on how you can develop leadership skills through professional engagement, particularly through supporting professional organisations. It's no secret that I'm a keen advocate for professional organisations - my volunteering for them is a reciprocal relationship. I benefit greatly from getting involved in a wide variety of things I wouldn't ordinarily be able to do within the scope of my day job (thus developing a broader skill set), and the organisations benefit from my input to committees/projects/task forces/working groups.

As part of a new network I have joined (Future Faces in Birmingham) I was invited to an event this evening on 'How to network effectively'. As networking is one of my areas of focus for my CILIP Chartership and an important element of my job, I was really keen to attend. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it was a mixed experience. Some was very common sense, other bits were really useful as they addressed areas I struggle with. The networking afterwards however, well I'm not so sure. I guess I just have to accept that I'm well outside my comfort zone and that corporate networking events are likely to attract a certain type of person.

As I mentioned in my earlier post on How to run a great workshop, I tried out some new techniques at the CDG workshop I ran a few weeks ago. Now that I've had a little time to both reflect personally and to digest the feedback from attendees, I thought I'd share the things that worked well, the things that didn't, and the main areas I'd like to improve on. [caption id="attachment_1792" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Workshop for CILIP CDG"]cdgworkshop[/caption]

This review has been written for GearZap who sent me a complimentary sample product to test from their iPad Accessories. [caption id="attachment_1785" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Pocket Boom (next to iPhone for scale)"][/caption] I have to be honest, I was very intrigued about the Pocket Boom. As someone who usually listens to music via headphones it's not necessarily something I had a huge need for, but I did think it could come in handy when travelling (i.e. in hotel rooms). So what it is? Well, it's basically a portable speaker system but as the name suggests it's pocket sized. It's battery powered (needs 2xAAA) and...

Last week, I gave a seminar on 'Managing yourself: how to be productive with your time'. I'd been invited by CILIP Career Development Group London and South East branches to deliver a session on this topic which expanded on my presentation from Internet Librarian International 2012 on Productivity for Librarians. The focus of this seminar was much more practical in nature so rather than just talking through some of the tools I use and the way I implement the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology, we went through each stage of the GTD methodology and considered how it could be implemented...

This evening I'll be delivering a seminar for the CILIP Career Development Group (London and South East division) on Managing yourself: how to be productive with your time. I've given presentations on this topic before, and have blogged about it, but when I was invited to deliver this session I was initially unsure if I could fill 2hrs based in my knowledge. It's also been a while since I delivered a longer session like this - I used to on a regular basis (for students, researchers or academic staff) in my subject librarian role, but most of my recent public speaking has been conference presentation of around 20-30 minutes in length (with some discussion if I can fit it in but largely just 'chalk and talk' style). I thought I would benefit from learning some new skills/techniques so decided to read How to run a great workshop by Nikki Highmore Sims.

It's almost time for #chartership chat again (comes around so quickly!). The results of the poll gave a tie so we'll take the first one in the list for this week and the second for the next chat. So this week's chat on Thursday 29th March at 6.30pm BST will be Writing your evaluative statement. I know there are some people on Twitter currently at, or approaching, this stage and for those of us just beginning it will still be useful to start considering how we're going to turn our evidence into a portfolio with the evaluative statement. Please join us and...

Apologies in advance for what may be a very confused post, I've had lots of thoughts running through my head that I wanted to write down! [caption id="" align="alignright" width="120" caption="I'm not one of these (though I did use this in my presentation at my first library job interview!)"][/caption] Well, you're reading Joeyanne Libraryanne so I'm guessing that after reading the title of the blog post you're thinking, "erm...