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I get asked this question a lot, and I often struggle to answer it. My job is pretty unique so there's not really much to easily compare it to. I'm part of an academic library but rarely set foot into the library. I have an office on a University campus but don't visit it very often as I regularly work from home or on the go (the train is a favourite of mine!). My job title is Evidence Based Researcher; if you asked me I would probably tell you I'm an academic researcher/librarian, but my partner would probably say he wasn't really sure how to describe it but I'm a sort of information consultant. So what do I actually do? The Special Libraries Association (SLA) have organised an Alternative Careers webinar to help introduce some of the more alternative jobs out there in the information profession. Bethan Ruddock, who is the webinar host, asked me if I'd be able to answer some questions about my job to help her research for the webinar (Bethan also has a pretty unique job but wants to get some other examples to share). I was happy to oblige and am reproducing what I sent her. So if you're not sure what I actually do, this might give you more of an idea...

I found last year's resolutions useful in helping keep me on the right track last year, and am pleased to say I kept most of them - here's a review: Complete my MSc dissertation - finished in July Attend more conferences - I attended lots of great conferences and events in 2011 Implement the Getting Things Done system at home and work - I seem to have this sorted for electronic information, though need to work on physical organisation of paperwork and notes Participate in Library Day in the Life - I took part in both rounds of Library Day in the Life in...

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cpd23 logo
What? As I mentioned at the beginning of summer, I've been participating in and helping organise the 23 Things for Professional Development (CPD23) programme. The programme was slightly different to other 23 Things in that it focused on both tools and also techniques and strategies for professional development (rather than just web tools as in many previous 23 Things courses). I authored two of the 'things' - Thing 3 on Consider your personal brand, and Thing 19 on Integrating the Things. I've also helped encourage conversation on Twitter and have contributed some of the @cpd23 account tweets as well as looking out for queries on the #cpd23 hashtag. As a participant I blogged at Joeyanne's 23 Things for Professional Development and have recently completed all 23 things.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="CILIP AGM 2011"]CILIP AGM 2011[/caption] I recently attended my first CILIP AGM. I helped organise the CILIP West Midlands AGM earlier this year but this was a much more formal affair. I learnt a lot about CILIP and its governance, so thought I'd reflect on my experience and share my thoughts (well, actually it was my soon-to-be mentor for CILIP Chartership who prodded me to record my thoughts and gave me some starter questions whilst it's still fresh in my mind).

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Would be nice if Chartership involved chartering a boat..."]Motor Yacht Helios in Darwin Harbour February 2009[/caption] So, the dissertation is over and I should get my results in December. I'm taking a little bit of a break from studying now but I'm planning to start my CILIP Chartership next year so I've started doing some preparation for that. To charter or not to charter? For me this was an easy decision to make - I've been wanting to begin my Chartership for a while now. Since starting my first professional level post in October 2008, I've been engaged in a number of different professional activities in order to increase my understanding and further develop my skills. Professional development is an important element of my career, and I view Chartership as the first step of this journey.