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Professional Organisations

As a personal member of both CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) based in the UK, and ALA (American Library Association) based in the US, and being involved in a CILIP branch committee and a group committee, I'm always interested to find out about what the professional organisations do and how I, as a member, can keep up-to-date and get involved where appropriate. So when the opportunity to attend ALA's first Virtual Town Hall, an online webinar, I was interested to find out more and signed up. I'm a relatively new ALA member so I don't know much about the structure of ALA yet and I'm still learning about the different groups and round tables, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to find out more about central ALA issues and some of the priorities of the organisation. It happened tonight (I'm writing this as it happens!) and I am so impressed that I wanted to share some thoughts about the organisation of the session and something we can maybe bear in mind for similar CILIP events.

As mentioned in an earlier post, CILIP recently held an Open Session to enable conversation about the use of Web 2.0. Many others have blogged about the event, but I thought I'd add my thoughts too. I was particularly pleased that in between enquiries and other work-related tasks, I was still able to follow much of the conversation by using Twitterfall to follow any Tweets tagged with #cilip2. As it was an open session, the tag had been promoted before the event and the use of Twitter/live blogging was encouraged. There were some "official" bloggers including Matthew Mezey who blogged about...