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My three year term on the CILIP West Midlands committee has come to an end (two years as Marketing Officer, one year as Chair), and I only have a few months left chairing the ALA NMRT Online Discussion Forum committee, so I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my experiences and dispel some myths about chairing committees I've come across during my time as chair. [caption id="attachment_2474" align="alignright" width="300"] Only businessmen over 50 can join committees[/caption] Myth 1: You have to have X years of experience within the profession to chair a committee Until I joined a committee I...

I'm not one for making rash statements about things I'm going to change in my life starting on January 1st, but I do frequently set myself goals and revisit them so the beginning of the year is a good excuse as any to do so publicly. I also find that sharing them publicly helps me stick to them. With that in mind, let's see how I did on last year's goals: To work on CILIP Chartership (reflecting on achievements and updating wiki on at least a monthly basis) - I did even better than expected here and submitted my portfolio in...

It's that time of year again - time to reflect on the activities of the previous 12 months (see 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 posts). Here are some of my highlights from 2012: [caption id="attachment_2105" align="aligncenter" width="300"] 2012 highlights in pictures[/caption] Top: My Emerging Leaders project group with ALA NMRT President (Janel Kinlaw, far left) and Past President (Linda Crook, far right) Bottom left: CILIP Chartership certificate Bottom centre: CILIP West Midlands Chair medal Bottom right: Productivity and time management article Professionally, one of the main things this year has been CILIP Chartership. I started the process early in the year, submitted my portfolio in August,...

What? Why the planning? [caption id="" align="alignright" width="214"] Which path to choose? by Mark Smallwood[/caption] I'm going through a period of self-reflection at the moment, and it's something I go through regularly when I finish studying or close a chapter of my life. One day I'm just plodding along as normal, and then suddenly I have extra free time and I start thinking. Thinking is good, but life thinking is HARD. I'm an opportunist type of person, so I never really planned to be a librarian - I just knew teaching wasn't for me at the time I had to make a...

Leadership is one of the areas I'm focusing on for my CILIP Chartership and as a result I've been involved in a number of different activities based on this topic. I thought it would be useful to consolidate them and share some of the key lessons I've learnt. These have derived from my involvement in the following activities:
  • ALA Emerging Leaders program (including leadership training at ALA Midwinter)
  • Chairing CILIP West Midlands committee
  • Joining Future Faces Birmingham
  • Giving a presentation on Developing leadership skills through professional engagement
  • Attending the CILIP in Wales Conference on leadership
  • Reading core leadership texts, articles and blogs

I've been keen to read some of the leadership books I've read reviews of but not found time to read. A few months ago, some people involved in ALA activities who wanted to do the same decided to set up a library leadership book club. we all voted on the books we wanted to read and the most popular one was How to make meetings work: the new interaction method. We had around a month to read it and then set a date to discuss it via Google Hangout.

As I mentioned in my earlier post on How to run a great workshop, I tried out some new techniques at the CDG workshop I ran a few weeks ago. Now that I've had a little time to both reflect personally and to digest the feedback from attendees, I thought I'd share the things that worked well, the things that didn't, and the main areas I'd like to improve on. [caption id="attachment_1792" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Workshop for CILIP CDG"]cdgworkshop[/caption]