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I've recently been working on a couple of videos on research methods. I was asked by the CILIP Library and Information Research Group if I'd be interested in producing a video on focus groups and one on surveys that they could use in an online course. I've been keen to develop more video-based materials so thought this was a good opportunity to explore different software options and practice my planning, recording and editing skills. I looked into a number of different software options (including Adobe Spark which is a free web-based tool and great for short videos to get a message across...

[caption id="attachment_1723" align="aligncenter" width="259" caption="My focus group toolkit"]Focus Group toolkit[/caption] One of the things I've learnt to do in my job as a researcher is to facilitate focus groups. I've attended a number of focus groups with colleagues now, so last week it was time to be responsible for facilitating one myself. Encouraged by my chartership mentor, I decided to reflect on this on my blog as I know many librarians are involved in focus groups and it tends to be a key area people are interested in advice on.