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Apologies in advance for what may be a very confused post, I've had lots of thoughts running through my head that I wanted to write down! [caption id="" align="alignright" width="120" caption="I'm not one of these (though I did use this in my presentation at my first library job interview!)"][/caption] Well, you're reading Joeyanne Libraryanne so I'm guessing that after reading the title of the blog post you're thinking, "erm...

Library definition
Library definition from Collins
Quite a lot actually, when you're a librarian. A recurring professional issue in librarianship is defining what a librarian does to a member of the public. Laura (Theatregradrecently blogged about her experiences as a librarianship student discussing her course with other students, giving a really interesting perspective. What is a librarian anyway? We have the traditional stereotypes - the middle aged woman wearing a bun with a twin set and glasses on string around her neck. What does she do? Well she's knowledgeable, but she's a bit stuffy and reluctant to share information - you have to ask very nicely and you have to be very quiet when in her presence. I'll admit that I held this perception of a librarian until I graduated from my undergraduate degree in 2005 and starting trying to find out about librarianship (this fact is ever present in my mind when I talk to people outside the profession).

Well, the time has finally come - on Monday I had an interview for a professional librarian post and I was successful! I'm also coming very close to completion of my Diploma (I'm going away at the end of this month and my aim is to complete my final assignment before I go) so hopefully soon I'll be able to say with pride that I am a qualified librarian. I'm so excited about starting a professional post, I can't wait to be able to work more closely with academic schools to help support the students and further develop our services. I'm moving...

There have recently been some very interesting posts about the difference between librarians who hold a qualification (mainly the American MLS as discussions have been primarily from those across the pond) and those who don't have a qualification. There seems to be ambiguity about the term librarian and when it should be used, something which causes me no end of confusion as a not yet qualified "librarian". It all started with a post by someone who felt that the Library Journals Mover and Shakers should only include qualified librarians: ...