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I was recently interviewed by Jo Wood for her new Librarians With Lives podcast where she interviews people who work in the library and information profession about their career history, their passions, their dreams, and some lighter questions too. Jo approached me a few weeks ago and we recorded the interview in August. She did give me an idea by email of the sorts of things we might discuss, though I didn't prepare too much so a lot of the conversation was spur of the moment (though Jo did an excellent job at steering the conversation so when I listened...

Apologies in advance for the shameless self-promotional nature of this post. I like to use this blog as a personal record (I'm also hoping this will come in handy when I do my Chartership), so I'm just sharing a few things I've been up to lately elsewhere in the blogosphere. I spent some time last week writing blog posts for various places, and some of these have now been published and may be of interest. I also want to share a new project which I'm really excited about.