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[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="553" caption="Handheld Librarian Online Conference V (click on image to go to website)"]Handheld Librarian V[/caption] A couple of weeks ago I attended my first full virtual conference - Handheld Librarian Online Conference V - yes, they have held five of them already! I've attended webinars before and tracked numerous events online that I have been unable to attend in person, but this was my first fully fledged online conference. It was really good value for money ($45), and although it meant working through the evening (due to time zone differences the conferences was 4 - 11.30pm in UK time!) it was definitely something I would do again. The software (Adobe Connect) worked really well, there were very few sound problems (ironically, the only ones I experiences was when the keynote speaker from Mashable was presenting), and the fact that is was all online meant that you could join in all aspects of the conference, including a virtual exhibition.

I recently wrote a short article about OCLC QuestionPoint's new mobile widget for Fumsi, and thought I'd also post it here for anyone interested. As an avid iPhone user, I'm always keen to test out new mobile technologies - especially those relating to libraries. I was really pleased when I heard that OCLC were planning to release a mobile version of their QuestionPoint chat widget to enable users to access the service from their phone. It's currently available for iPhone, Android and Palm phones and I tested it on my iPhone recently. The Qwidget looks exactly the same when you access...