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WARNING: long blog post! I've been promising a number of people a blog post on how I archive tweets. I set archives up for lots of reasons - often for an event I am attending to record tweets to refer to at a later date, or sometimes for projects I am involved in to keep a record of conversations. There are a number of different methods of archiving tweets, some of which are outlined below. NB: This post covers archiving tweets made using a specific hashtag from all users, not archiving personal tweets.
  1. TAGS (Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet)
  2. Twubs
  3. Eventifier
  4. Tweet Archivist
  5. TweetDoc
There is also HootSuite (with Pro subscription), but I'm just focusing on the free options in this post. My preferred tool at the moment is TAGS, but in order to try some other options out, I set up archives each of the five services for the CILIP Cataloguing and Indexing Group conference which took place on 10th-11th September 2012. The conference has an official hashtag of #cig12, though we noticed some people are using #cig2012. Unfortunately, during the CIG conference, another event began which was using #cig2012 as their hashtag so we also collected their tweets! With the exception of TAGS (which was set up on 5th Sept) and TweetDoc (which collects tweets after the event), all the archives were set up on 9th September.