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Spring cleaning in the home...

We've made a conscious decision this year to focus our efforts (and finances!) into improving our home. We've lived here almost 5 years now, owned the house for over 3 years, and yet still there are things we're not happy with. Over the last few weeks we've been gradually getting things sorted - we've finally replaced the bath with one that doesn't soak our floor every time we shower, added a shower screen, got some new kitchen lights, done some more work in the garden, and re-painted the kitchen ceiling. There's still a lot of little jobs to do but it's been very therapeutic to get some of these things sorted. Last weekend I decided I'd sort out our paperwork and finally organised all my statements and bills going right back to when I started University in 2002. We use online banking and keep track of our spending on an Excel spreadsheet, but I had kept hold of all our paper bills and statements too, so it was well overdue a sort out!

...spring cleaning elsewhere

The organising process has also rubbed off to other areas of my life too - my desk/dressing table is now clear of clutter, my dissertation paperwork is all neatly organised, and my desk at work is nice and tidy too. I've also been organising my online accounts, getting rid of unused accounts and tidying up accounts I do use. Here's some of the stuff I've been up to online to clean up my accounts:

[picappgallerysingle id="275923"]There are many things I enjoy about being a librarian. As I've mentioned before, I find it particularly rewarding helping people utilise our resources to find the information they need. But a lot of the work we do as librarians isn't really seen. Much of a librarian's time is spent in an office sat in front of a computer screen - producing training material, managing web pages, communicating online with users, liaising with staff, reading list checking, finding out about new publications, researching and writing reports for projects, keeping up-to-date with developments in the profession.. etc. etc. So sometimes...

Are you sometimes afraid to open your RSS reader as you know you will be met by a shockingly large amount of unread items? Up until recently, I was - I particularly noticed it when I didn't check my RSS feeds as frequently as usual back in October when I waspreparing for my interview, finishing my Diploma, and then went to Florida for 2 weeks . When I opened it up again after the break, I had thousands of unread items and found myself flicking through most of them with little interest. I started to look at Google Reader's Trends to...